L M S   I N T E R N A T I O N A L    R E S E A R C H    R O U N D A B L E
W O R K G R O U P  No. 1:   PDX/CELL LINE Models for LMS

To:  LMS Research Roundtable Members / Colleagues:

At the first The INTERNATIONAL LMS RESEARCH ROUNDTABLE in September 2019, three workgroups were established.  One of the focus workgroups is addressing cancer cell line models and patient – derived xenograft (PDX) of LMS.  The initial effort is to locate as many of the available LMS cell lines as possible and then to characterize them using a standardized RNA sequencing protocol.

The goal: To perform standardized transcriptional profiling of diverse LMS cell lines and PDX models and to draw comparisons between these models and primary tumors.   This will facilitate the characterization and identification of the most relevant model systems for preclinical studies.

We are asking individual laboratories interested in participating in this project to prepare RNA in a standard fashion from available LMS cell lines and submit samples for commercial sequencing.  Dr. Matthew Hemming, the leader of this Roundtable Workgroup, has established a protocol for sample preparation and submission, and subsequent collaborative data analysis.  If your laboratory does not have the resources to submit your samples for testing by the commercial lab for sequencing, the National Leiomyosarcoma Foundation has agreed to pay for the testing.

The raw profiling data will then be uploaded to a public repository, and analyzed collaboratively to identify models with features that most faithfully recapitulate the leiomyosarcoma gene expression program.  These models will collaboratively be made available to members of the Roundtable or anyone else interested in conducting LMS research.

Standardized characterization of existing cell lines and PDX models, verification of which of these models truly represent the primary LMS tumors they were derived from and then the public sharing of these data for all researchers to use will result in an extremely valuable resource for anyone doing LMS research.

The standardized protocol is here: LMS Cell&PDX Workgroup. For additional information and questions please about this project, please contact Dr. Hemming at:  MHEMMING@partners.org

Thank you for contributing to this important research initiative on behalf of the LMS International Research Roundtable.


Dr. Scott Okuno                                                      Dr. Matthew Hemming
NLMSF Executive Committee Chair  –                 NLMSF Executive Committee
NLMSF-SPAEN International LMS                       LMS Roundtable Workgroup Leader – Cell Lines
Research Roundtable                                            NLMSF-SPAEN International LMS Research  Roundtable

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