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Cell Signaling Transport
written by Michael
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Endocrine Signaling

Hormones are sent by cells to communicate with cells that are very far away from them. They use the bloodstream to send their message. This is called endocrine signaling.



Nerves communicate to muscles to tell them to contract. This message must only be communicated to the muscle close to the nerve cell or else all your muscles would contract. This communication transport is called Paracrine. When a cell mutates and generates too many ligands telling other cells (but not itself) to divide then this is the beginnings of a benign tumor.



Cancer can develop the Autocrine method of communication. This is where the cell makes ligands that fit into its own receptors. Such cells can grow at an unregulated rate.



Juxtacrine communication transport occurs between cells that are connected together. Thus it can only occur amongst cells that are touching.

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