This information has been provided for you in loving kindness by:

Doreen “DoctorDee” [website editor] chemist, professor, medical doctor, LMS patient [1943-2009]
Dick [website manager] carpenter, computer dinosaur, LMS widower
Doreen web designer and LMS widow who designed the website and was its first manager
Roger journalist, government consultant, LMS patient
Michael programming manager, avid researcher, LMS widower
Jim clinical biochemist, now computer consultant, LMS husband
Norman health administrator [CDC and NYC], LMS husband
Alison artist, book indexer, LMS patient
Jack engineer, LMS husband
Beth an editor and LMS daughter
Joyce [1932-2003] a remarkable woman and a source of love, warmth, and comfort for all of us, still hugging us. Listowner and LMS patient.

And many, many others who did research, gave encouragement, and shared their own experiences freely in the hope of helping you.

We also give profound thanks to Gilles Frydman, the founder of ACOR. It was on ACOR’s L-M-Sarcoma Listserv that this website began.