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The International Research Roundtable Mission: LMS-specific Research and Treatment focus.

60 Members of the LMS Research Roundtable within the Sarcoma Medical Community are supportive and committed to the mission and purpose of the Roundtable

If you would like to share a message that offers a patient or caregiver perspective to consider as the “Researcher ThinkTank” discussions remain ongoing, please send your message here and the Message Board will be checked daily. Your Voice Matters! YOU Matter and that is why the LMS Research Roundtable was conceived and launched.

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Mission and Of The International LMS Research Roundtable

A global initiative bringing together the Sarcoma Research Community for a collaborative focus on the future of Leiomyosarcoma investigational research/clinical trials with a mission of:

    • Bring together the sarcoma experts to have a focused meeting only on Leiomyosarcoma
    • Discuss/Understand the present state of LMS and the continued challenges of diagnosis/treatment
    • Develop work plans to close the gaps/Improve LMS patient-care protocol
    • Advise and direct the NLMSF on LMS precision research projects for solicitation and funding for 2020 and beyond

The NLMSF, SPAEN, and the LMS Community of patients and their families are most grateful for the membership of the International LMS Research Roundtable, coming together to make the difference for the future of survivorship.