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The NCI MyPART Network

The MyPART Network is coordinated through the
NCI Center for Cancer Research (CCR).

This program brings patients and their families together with healthcare providers, and researchers to work together to find treatments for rare cancers affecting youth and adults.

Patients are invited to participate in the MyPART Network Natural History Study of Rare Solid Tumors by visiting: to learn more.

For Patients: Contact MyPart to participate in the program to help advance research efforts through advancing study and understanding of LMS tumors:

For any questions regarding participation or for more information about MyPART for the LMS Community, please contact: 

Annie Achee at or (303) 808-3437

For more Natural History Study information by the NIH:

The National Leiomyosarcoma Foundation is going to be instrumental in helping the NCI MyPART Network in providing information and connecting patients to the Natural History Study for Rare Solid Tumors. This study will follow patients of all ages with rare solid tumors, including LMS, over the course of their disease to learn how these tumors develop/progress, to contribute to research data that can impact research studies to advance treatments.

The NLMSF-SPAEN International LMS Research Roundtable will be communicating/coordinating with the MyPART Network Initiative for mutually beneficial information sharing. Such a collaboration will facilitate information gathering for better understanding of the LMS tumor biology and molecular makeup, and facilitate MyPART collaboration with the NLMSF – SPAEN International LMS Research Roundtable precision studies and LMS treatment objectives.

The National Leiomyosarcoma Foundation will facilitate the exchange of information between LMS patients, healthcare providers, researchers, and the MyPART Network. This program is very important and has the potential to impact LMS tumor study and study design by the research community. Such collective / collaborative efforts can only help in future studies to accelerate and advance new treatment options.

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